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  • samplefood of miyuki's
  • samplefood of miyuki's
  • samplefood of miyuki's
  • samplefood of miyuki's
  • samplefood of miyuki's


Miyuki was born in Hiroshima, Japan and brought up in a traditional Japanese family where her mother was a dedicated house keeper and cook and her father had high expectations of what she put on the table.

Japan has an extraordinary variety of different types of cuisine serving both different specialist produce and cooking it in different ways.

The Japanese culinary tradition is also famous for its unique presentation including the use of ceramics and lacquer.

Miyuki’s husband, Robin Walden, is a potter specialising in food vessels, especially sushi platters.

Hiroshima is on the inland sea of Setonaikai with a mild climate and the produce from sea and land is fresh and delicious. Fresh fish is easy to find with many local fishmongers offering the specialities of the regions. (Hiroshima is famous for oyster farming, line caught sea bream and delicate white fish.)

Miyuki grew up observing produce being grown and harvested, fish being cleaned and prepared for sashimi, and meals prepared three times a day in the kitchen at home. At the same time, eating out was very much part of her family routine and her parents always took their daughters to the best local specialist restaurants. These are not necessarily expensive but often run by families dedicated to those particular foods.

After moving to the UK, she was a member of the team that set the first Japanese supermarket in North London and then the manager of Tsu (the first branch of what became I’tsu) in Kensington, London.

She started teaching Japanese cooking from home in 2010.

She now cooks and teaches from her own specially designed new kitchen in Upper Oddington, Cotswolds.

She is married to an English ceramicist and has two children.


Miyuki's Kitchen
3 Dover Close,

Mbl: 07944 748 457